Today I am beyond honored to have my dear friend, Becca from My Crazy Good Life, sharing a guest post on OC Mentor. Becca and I have so much in common, are great friends, but also have a fun ongoing rivalry between us as she is a lover of all things Apple…whereas I am not. :)

We figured it would be fun to share what makes us different with each other’s readers. So, welcome Becca – and Apple – to OC Mentor. 

The Best iPhone Products at CES 2014

Amy and I walked the floors of the International Consumer Electronics Show for days and found some pretty awesome technology. While Amy has been busy bringing you the best Android products, I’ve been working to spread the word about everything Apple–it’s the one thing we don’t see eye-to-eye on. It works out for you, though, because you get the best of both sides of CES. You can see Amy’s Best of CES for Android post right here.

Here are my picks for the top Apple products from CES:


Mophie Space Pack (starting at $149.95) The first of it’s kind, this external battery charger is also equipped with extra storage–16 or 32 GB. It’s perfect for those of us who may have underestimated the amount of apps, music, and other *things* we would want on our phones. Just open the Mophie Space app to access your extra documents, photos, and video. Mophie has built a name for themselves as a company who creates beautiful external battery cases, and this next step was a surprise for us all. A nice surprise. This product is shipping March of 2014.


Sensus app-enhancing case ($99) The Sensus case was definitely my favorite find at CES this year. The idea is pretty simple and pretty mind-blowing–users touch the back and sides of the case (shown below) to control select apps and features on their iPhone. Gaming takes on a whole new meaning when you can press as fast as you’d like to drive your car or slide your thumb up and down the sides of the case to view game settings–you can view a video of the Sensus case in action right here. Another angle this case takes? Adaptive technology for those with sight or motor impairment. For those who can’t steady their finger enough or easily find the button to take a picture, Sensus offers custom controls for focusing and taking snapshots with their case.


94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball ($295) Do you have a budding baller in your house? Maybe one who has college hoops on their dream list? Receive immediate feedback on your phone’s app with every shot and dribble. Accurate data is calculated for acceleration, arc, speed, and backspin. This ball will show you where your skills lack, what that’s causing on the court, and how to fix it. It can be used to monitor up to five people (per ball, per app) and syncs to one phone at a time. The ball has the same specs as official balls with regard to size, weight, and spin.

There you have it–the best of CES for iPhone products. Is there anything else you heard about from CES that you fell in love with? I’d love to hear about it!

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