We have only eight days until Christmas and one of the things I will miss the most is seeing what our little elf, Marco, has been up to while we sleep.  He is always up to something fun!

Even more than that I will miss seeing the smiles on our children’s faces when they find him.  The Elf on the Shelf was introduced to our family in 2007 – he truly is a member of our family during the holidays.

As we count down the days, don’t forget that I have you covered if your Elf on the Shelf forgets to move with these quick tips and tricks.  But today is about the fun ways to interact with your Elf on the Shelf.  Cal and Ava have been having a great time with Marco and love the days when they get to play along with him.

fun ways to interact with your elf on the shelf

1. Play a Game with your Elf on the Shelf

Whether it’s a game of chess, checkers, Yahtzee or air hockey, play a game with your Elf on the Shelf.  Make it even more fun by having your children leave a note for their elf asking what games they like to play or by having them start the game and leaving a note for their elf.  The possibilities are endless but SO fun!

marco make cookies

2.  It’s COOKIE time!

What would the holidays be without cookies?  Make cookies with your elf to have some extra fun this year.  Your Elf on the Shelf can leave out sprinkles for the family to use , pull out recipe cards to help inspire you, find himself in the drawer looking for the mixing spoon, and then of course eating them overnight with a Pepto next to him in the morning from eating too much.

overthetopmommy art time

3.  Make an Art Project Together

Wendy at Over the Top Mommy has some super fun Elf on the Shelf ideas that are so interactive and fun.  Making an art project together is perfect because the kids can do a few things during the day and then Marco can add to the project while they are sleeping.  The greatest part is that your family will treasure the art creation for years to come.

marco hot cocoa

4.  Have Hot Cocoa Together

Little Marco left the kids a note this morning asking them if they could have hot cocoa together.  Talk about excitement!  They are going to make him a small cup when they get home from school and enjoy a little hot cocoa with their holiday friend.  Imagine their excitement when they leave the room to clean up and come back to find the hot cocoa gone!

How did he do that?

We only have one more Weekly Elf on the Shelf Link Up left after this one.  Can Christmas truly be next week? (Insert shocked mama face)

Becca at My Crazy Good Life, Sara at Mom Endeavors, Emily at Our Knight Life and I want to see your Elf Fun, too!  Hop on over to read the fun their elves have been up to, grab out button, share your fun Elf on the Shelf posts! Don’t forget to tag your posts with #ElfontheShelf.

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