5 Days of Fun Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf #ElfontheShelf

We had a lot of fun last week watching all of our little elf, Marco’s, escapades!  Some days he is up to craziness and sometimes he is right in plain sight, making it somehow harder to find him.  Looking for a few fun ideas for your Elf on the Shelf?  Here are some from Marco and other elves that played along in last week’s #ElfontheShelf Link Up.

elf on the shelf idea 2

Rainbow Loom Thief

With our kids spending what seems like every waking moment making their Rainbow Loom creations, Marco couldn’t help but steal one and tease the kids with it.  They looked for Marco a long time this day but finally found him!

Gracie the Elf from I am Ju Ju!

Gracie the Elf from I am Ju Ju!

Play Hide and Seek

Gracie the Elf over at I am Ju Ju Blog loves playing hide and seek!  Whether your elf follows Gracie’s lead in a sippy cup or finds another cute place, this activity is as fun for your elf as it is is for the kids!   Thanks for playing along last week Ju Ju!

elf on the shelf idea

Snow Angel Time!

Marco must have been missing the snow or something because boy did he go a bit crazy with the popcorn!  He made a cute snow…or popcorn…angel and quite a mess behind him.  The kids thought this was hilarious and loved it even more when they found Marco had left them a popcorn heart the next morning after he cleaned up his mess.

Beccaelf  repelling

Repelling Time

I love how Louie, Becca’s elf over at My Crazy Good Life, adds a little adventure to the house!  Louie is pretty much a mischief maker for an elf and a blast to watch.  One of my favorites is when he went repelling…I sure hope Marco gives that a shot sometime soon.

marco and santa


Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the cutest for your Elf on the Shelf. Marco went camo on us and hopped up for some snuggle time with Santa making it REALLY hard to find him.  He seemed all recharged the next day after his time with Santa. :)

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It’s time for another Weekly Elf on the Shelf Link Up with my friends Becca at My Crazy Good Life, Sara at Mom Endeavors, and Emily at Our Knight Life! Hop on over to read the fun their elves have been up to, grab out button, share your fun Elf on the Shelf posts! Don’t forget to tag your posts with #ElfontheShelf.

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