So we just completed week three of Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution program. As you know I have been a HUGE fan of Jillian Michael’s workouts for years.
I was able to find “me” again after the babies in the years because of her. And she may be known as TV’S Toughest Trainer but I actually love her in your face tough style. It works and it keeps me motivated after all of this time.
After the weeks of this program many are asking me how it differs from the typical Jillian workouts. Mind you I own almost every workout she has and was skeptical too…I basically wondered if I could make my own version of Body Revolution by properly combining what I owned.
FYI – I can’t.
But Jillian does.  Quite effectively I might add. :)
Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Compared to her other Workouts
For $100, you can’t go wrong in my opinion.  You get 15 workout DVD’s that are all thirty minutes.  And you are paying around $6.70 per DVD, which is an amazing price!
While I already shared my thoughts on Weeks 1 and 2 of Jillian’s Body Revolution, I wanted to share a few thoughts on Weeks 3 and 4.
Weeks 1 and 2 were a warm up.  Weeks 3 and 4 are…
Not a warm up.  :)
Jillian adds in a bit more plyo into these workouts but it is a gentle progression, which is great for those that truly are overweight.  But that’s the only gentle you will find in Weeks 3 and 4.
The first time we did workout three, both my husband and I were begging for mercy at the end.  The main difference between Body Revolution and the rest of Jillian’s workouts is that:
  1. It is a program.  So you could do the same individual workout every other day from Jillian and not feel the level of growth (and pain :)) that comes from doing a sequential program that works you HARD every day with specific resting periods built in. (Well, at least she says they rest, but so far, it doesn’t feel like it. ;) )
  1. So far, weeks 1-4 is far more weight and strength building than I have experienced in prior workouts.
  2. Oh, and by day 7, I cannot wait for a day off.
Your workouts in week one are sequenced as follows and repeated in week two.
Day 1=Workout 1
Day 2=Workout 2
Day 3=Cardio 1
Day 4=Workout 1
Day 5=Workout 2
Day 6=Cardio 1
Day 7=OFF
Week three is sequenced as indicated below and repeated in week four.
Day 1=Workout 3
Day 2=Workout 4
Day 3=Cardio 1
Day 4=Workout 3
Day 5=Workout 4
Day 6=Cardio 1
Day 7=OFF
I lost another pound in week two and did not lose at all in week three.  Maybe like the infamous week two in the Biggest Loser House?
I feel INCREDIBLE despite no movement on the scale. I only had 7-10 pounds to shake off and am down 3.8 thus far.  But I feel so much stronger and can see definition so I am thrilled!
Okay – onto week four…wish me luck!
If you have any questions about Jillian’s Body Revolution, please leave a comment!

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