Many people are familiar with Hulu where you can stream TV shows and movies, but for those of you who aren’t familiar, Hulu is a website that offers your favorite TV shows and movies at your disposal. Hulu provides online streaming with great picture quality. No buffering or freezing with Hulu!! Hulu remains up to date with trending shows and gives the users access to the latest episodes.

Hulu now provides a “Hulu Plus” option with unlimited instant streaming for $7.99 a month. With Hulu Plus, subscription members can watch their shows commercial free! Aside from streaming from your computer, with Hulu Plus you are able to stream your shows on your smart phone, tablet, as well as your PS3. With the ability to stream from multiple devises Hulu Plus makes it super convenient to watch anywhere. Here is a video telling you a little more about Hulu Plus!

Now Hulu Plus has gone a step further introducing Hulu Kids. Launched in early November, Hulu Kids has 43 different shows (and still growing) that makes it a breeze to find something for all children to enjoy. Nickelodeon, Lionsgate, PBS are the major networks their content is from. They have shows like “Spongebob Squarepants”, “Thomas and Friends”, and “Arthur” just to name a few.  Hulu Kids did a great job at catering to children of all ages with an array of different shows available. They even categorize their content by age groups. 

We really like the shows that are offered on Hulu Kids but wish Hulu Plus enabled parents to require a password to show all Hulu content. With young children, I do not want them seeing the main photo for every single genre.  Additionally, having “Kids” and “Family” so close to “Gay and Lesbian” just is not appropriate for all ages.  I searched for ways to block genres from our own settings and was not able to easily find a way to do it through our Xbox.  The blocking feature is only available on the Android platform at this time through a “Lock for Kids” button.  Having Hulu Kids is also a convenient way to entertain the kids both at home and on the go, but you will want to consider this when determining if your children access shows independently.
Of course, we do love that Hulu Kids is also commercial free, so kids can enjoy their show with out any interruptions! The kid friendly programming provides safe navigation and puts parents mind at ease that kids wont stumble upon something that is inappropriate. Your children being able to watch what show they want, when they want, uninterrupted, is a great feature! With the ability to cancel anytime and a one week free trial, you may want to try Hulu Plus out!

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