Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Volvo test drive event here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We had test driven the Volvo XC90 in February when we were trading in our minivan so this was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn more about the Volvo brand and their cars.
Plus, what’s not to love about a beautifully sunny Saturday morning at the Montelucia Resort and Spa?
The Montelucia Resort is so incredibly gorgeous and the backdrop of the mountains adds amazing ambiance.  I have been there twice before for a massage and time with friends to enjoy the pool and felt like I was stepping into a private oasis; the morning of the Volvo test drive was no exception.  Additionally, I always find it fascinating to see how brands structure their media events and the tone of the Volvo event was a perfect match with the Montelucia Resort and Spa.
I had the chance to investigate Volvo’s vehicles before heading into the main welcome session.  Since we drove the Volvo XC90, I took the opportunity to check out some of their other models that I am less familiar with.
Volvo Test Drive Event featured
The all new XC80 is a classic looking Volvo to me; I am drawn to the looks of this vehicle and dream of eventually downsizing the size of what I drive. The XC80 had far more space in the back than I imagined it would and had a sporty edge to its look that is very appealing.
As we listened to North Holbrook and William Monroe speak about their vehicles, there were a few things that stood out.  First and foremost, there is a genuine passion behind the Volvo brand among its employees.  Passion is what it is all about…if you have passion for what you do, the company will benefit exponentially because of it, and Volvo clearly understands that.   We test drove the XC90 because of what I read about the safety features of Volvo so it was exciting to learn more about that component of the brand.For example, did you know the Volve does the “Elk Test”?  Many Elk are involved in car accidents every year in Sweden so Volvo designs their cars to be able to swerve and avoid a collision with them. Something tells me, if a Volvo can avoid elk, I am safe with our Javalinas here in Arizona. :)  Volvo also uses some of the most advanced crash test dummies in the world. They match the size, weight and proportions of their real life counterparts and pair them with sophisticated electronics to measure deceleration and other forces that are involved in accidents to ensure Volvo owners are some of the safest drivers out there.

So while it was fun to learn and see, there is nothing like hands on experience to make you connect with a product or brand.  When I accepted the invitation to attend the Volvo event, I had no knowledge of what our test drive would look like.
So, imagine my…
to find myself on an hour and a half drive…in North Scottsdale….in a Volvo C70 convertible…with the top down…
Did I mention I was alone?
It was pure heaven…
The top of the C70 goes down and stores right in the trunk.  While simply applying the break, you can wait in the driver’s seat while the top opens and closes on its own. The simple “ding” and you know that all is secure and you are good to go!
I was thoroughly impressed with the Volvo C70.  The drive was so smooth, I was surrounded by a feel that fit very well with me – a combination of class with a sporty edge.  I could easily see owning a Volvo C70 as a third car for our family…perfect for our warm climate!
One Volvo safety feature I adore and find incredibly helpful is the Blind Spot Information System.  We experienced it in the XC90 and the C70 was fabulous as well.  Whenever a vehicle is in your blind spot, an orange light lights up to alert you.  The placement is superior in that it is inside the car right by your side mirror; you truly do not have to turn your head at all to see it and know you cannot change lanes.
And to spend a morning with Karie from The Five Fish was a perfect bonus! We have known each other on Twitter for a few years but to finally meet in real life was awesome.  And doesn’t she look fab in that Volvo C70? :)
A big thank you to Volvo for the educational and relaxing morning test driving the Volvo C70, the Montelucia Resort and Spa for hosting the event, and The Cake Group for the invitation.  The entire morning was wonderful!How many of you are Volvo fans? Which is your favorite model? And what do you like most about your Volvo?

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